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Customer Due Diligence Intelligence

MANSA repository provides a single source of primary data for conducting customer due diligence checks on counterparties in Africa. The repository contains database of African entities who contribute their KYC/CDD information and are published after going through an independent corroboration process. You can browse our current contributors list of African Financial Institutions, Corporates and Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) at anytime, and through a subscription to view their full profiles, access their data and download summary reports.

Investing In Africa Insights

MANSA portal is a one-stop place to learn about Africa and investment opportunities in Africa. The portal holds information about geography, investment climate and economic profiles, key industry, traded products and services regarding African countries, thereby providing greater visibility and insight into Africa while reducing information asymmetry and risk perceptions. It also provides a single window to Investment Promotion Agencies of all countries in the continent for easier access to more detailed investment procedures of each country.

News & Events

Get news and publications about KYC/CDD on Africa and African entities as well as information on KYC/CDD events across Africa and the world on the MANSA portal. The portal also provides latest news and publications on investments and trades regarding Africa.

Benefits Of Mansa


The MANSA repository will promote good governance, transparency and accountability by African Entities

Africa-Wide Impact

Promoting international trade with Africa through lower cost of compliance for international banks and global trading entities in maintaining relationships with African counterparts.

Risk Management

Reducing the perceived risk of trading in Africa and mitigating negative implication of current Client Due Diligence challenges and high-risk perception of Africa.

Trade Promotion

Availability of information on counterparties will promote intra and extra-African trade, and stimulate uptake of new trade opportunities and channels including trade payment systems, such as mobile payment platforms.

Explore Africa

Why Invest In Africa?

Exploring Africa through the investing in Africa page provides insight into Africa for current and prospective investors as well as interested parties. It presents a strong rationale and value proposition for investing in Africa.


Learn about African countries through country profile page where you can view country overview, fact & figures as well as investment profile covering investment climate, economic outlook, infrastructure development, amongst others. Interactive map of Africa is also available.


Get data on products traded in Africa, highlighting value of import, exports, trade balance, share of import/export and top partner countries to any selected African country.

Recent News

Afreximbank Launches MANSA, The Africa Due Diligence Platform, in Zanzibar.

Nov 8, 2021
Afreximbank Launches MANSA, The Africa Due Diligence Platform, in Zanzibar.

AFREXIMBANK launches Africa Customer Due Diligence Platform ,MANSA, in Burundi.

Nov 6, 2021
AFREXIMBANK launches Africa Due Diligence Platform ,MANSA, in Burundi

AFREXIMBANK Launch Africa Due Diligence Platform, MANSA, In Tanzania

Nov 5, 2021
AFREXIMBANK Launch Africa Due Diligence Platform, MANSA, In Tanzania

Latest Events

Onboarding OSUN Chamber of Commerce & Industry members on MANSA.

Nov 29, 2021
Onboarding OSUN Chamber Of Commerce & Industry members onto MANSA

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