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African Trade Report - 2017

Dec 27, 2017
The 2017 edition of the African Trade Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of global and African trade in 2015–16. It is published at a time when the institution is rebranding, with implications for all Bank publications. This combined issue, which ensures continuity in the coverage AFREXIMBANK AFRICAN TRADE REPORT 2017 and publication of the Bank’s flagship report, is an exceptional measure, and subsequent issues will revert to an annual review covering developments in global and African trade.
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Angola Adopts a New Currency Regime

Dec 13, 2017
Angola, Africa’s second largest oil exporter, has ended its two-year currency peg to the US Dollar. This follows a recent statement from the National Bank of Angola (Banco Nacional de Angola, BNA) indicating that the exchange rate would henceforth be determined at currency auctions. The first auction held on January 9, 2018, resulted in a defacto 10.1% devaluation against the euro and 13.4% against the USD. The change in policy was widely anticipated as the new government of President Joao Lourenco had indicated its commitment to fiscal and foreign exchange adjustments.
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Publication 6

Jun 19, 2017
This is the summary of the publication. This is the summary of the publication.
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