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Nov 28, 2022
Afreximbank co-organises The Zanzibar Trade and Investment Forum

Nov 26, 2022
Opening in Abidjan of CANEX Weekend, the Largest Rendezvous of Cultural and Creative Industries from Africa and the Diaspora

Nov 23, 2022
Afreximbank and Thelo DB renew partnership for the development of railways in Africa


Money Laundering through Money Remittance and Currency Exchange Providers

Jul 9, 2020
This joint FATF/MONEYVAL report contains information on money laundering and terrorist financing methodologies associated with the money remittance and currency exchange sector. Though the focus of the report is to a certain degree on the MONEYVAL region and the wider European area, the experience of countries from other regions of the world was actively sought and integrated into the report.
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The Role of Hawala and Other Similar Service Providers in Money Laundering/ Terrorist Fin.

Jul 9, 2020
Hawalas and other similar service providers (HOSSPs) arrange for transfer and receipt of funds or equivalent value and settle through trade, cash, and net settlement over a long period of time. What makes them distinct from other money transmitters is their use of non-bank settlement methods. This typology seeks to provide a facts-based review of the extent of their vulnerability to money laundering and terrorist financing.
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Guidance on Digital Identity

Jul 9, 2020
Digital payments are growing at an estimated 12.7% annually, and are forecast to reach 726 billion transactions annually by 2020. By 2022, an estimated 60% of world GDP will be digitalised. For the FATF, the growth in digital financial transactions requires a better understanding of how individuals are being identified and verified in the world of digital financial services. Digital identity (ID) technologies are evolving rapidly, giving rise to a variety of digital ID systems. This Guidance is intended to assist governments, regulated entities3 and other relevant stakeholders in determining how digital ID systems can be used to conduct certain elements of customer due diligence (CDD) under FATF Recommendation 10.
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