i. What Customer Due Diligence information does MANSA Platform cover?
ii. Which languages does MANSA Platform support?
iii. What is MANSA Repository Platform?
iv. What are the three (3) key services of MANSA platform?
ix. What information does the MANSA Repository cover?
v. What user roles are included in MANSA KYC/CDD pillar?
vi. How are user permissions handled in MANSA KYC/CDD platform?
vii. What are the objectives and Benefits of MANSA?
viii. Who is eligible to use the MANSA Repository?
x. What is the pricing model for the MANSA Repository?
xi. Access
xii. Can the MANSA Repository be accessed on mobile devices?
xiii. How do I register to use the Repository?
xiv. Is the information in the Repository secure?
xix. How frequent will the information in MANSA be updated? In other words, how real-time is the information in MANSA?
xv. How will the data be protected?
xvi. What control will there be over users’ access and misuse of the database?
xvii. What checks are in place to ensure the information in the MANSA Repository is safe?
xviii. For how long will the information in the MANSA Repository be accessible to subscribers?
xx. How do you validate the info contributed by entities on the Platform?
xxi. What is the timeline to verify the information contributed by a profile?
xxii. If I get a report from MANSA in a certain period would I be informed if the profile is updated?
xxiii. As a subscriber if I get a report for a profile and see that the profile is updated a few months later, if I edit a new report would it be counted in my pack?
xxiv. Issues of privacy of data become critical, how is this assured?
xxix. What is the difference between CDD and EDD?
xxv. Can this work as trade enquiry center for a country?
xxvi. Does MANSA organize training for users ?
xxvii. What is KYC and what is CDD?
xxviii. What is the difference between AML and CFT?
xxx. What determine whether we need to conduct Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) or not?
xxxi. What are KYC requirements?
xxxii. Who is responsible for KYC?
xxxiii. What are the benefits of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure?
xxxiv. How does it help in preventing money laundering?
xxxv. What’s a PEP (Politically Exposed Person)?
xxxvi. Does MANSA provide a scoring of the profiles published?
xxxvii. Does MANSA provide sanction screening, adverse media, networking, and chat services?